Your reliable partner for edible oils and fats

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Edible fats and oils are key in contributing to the success on the food product market. They give dishes taste and softness. Furthermore they are important carriers of vital nutrients.
As a competent and reliable partner, PROGRA offers an extensive range of excellently refined products on the basis of sound primary products, which meet the requirements of modern food production.

Naturally our edible fats can also be used in the kitchen in a variety of ways – cooking, roasting, frying or baking for example. 
As well as firms which produce food products, customers of PROGRA also include countless distributors, large-scale catering establishments and gastronomies as well as restaurants, hospitals, snack bars and bakeries.
As well as the high quality of our products, our customers can also rely on us due to our security of supply. Our truck fleet and our long term forwarding agents provide the fastest dispatching and delivery in the whole of Europe.
Since 2008 PROGRA has been a subsidiary of the highly performing and internationally operating Tönnies group.